4 Ways to Liver Healthier This Year

A new year symbolizes a fresh start for many people. Losing weight and getting fit are always in the top New Year’s resolutions. While you may not think about health goals for your kidneys or bladder, taking steps to get healthy can definitely help your urologic health as well!

First, increase your water intake. Drinking too much water will not help, but be sure to get in at least the recommended six glasses a day. Lay off caffeinated drinks, especially soft drinks. Fluids will help empty the bacteria from your bladder and dilute your urine. The lighter the color your urine, the better.

Second, if you have to go, then go. Holding your urine can actually increase bacteria and cause infection. Also, make sure to empty your bladder completely when you do use the restroom.

Next, add plenty of fruits and vegetables to your diet. It can help the kidneys remove excess acid from the body. Many people believe that cranberry juice is a treatment for bladder infections. While there’s no concrete scientific study on this, it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Finally, make sure that you are moving and exercising regularly. Regular exercise will not only help your kidneys, but also it will help you reach your other weight loss and health goals. Best of luck to you in 2016!

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