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Can I Stop Taking OAB Medication if Symptoms Have Stopped?

When it comes to overactive bladder, there is no cure for the condition. With that said, there are several treatment options available to help you manage your symptoms. It’s great that you haven’t experienced any discomfort for a few months, but that means your medication is doing exactly what it is intended to do. It’s important to continue to take it as directed, otherwise symptoms may flare up again, including:

-The frequent urge to urinate
-Urinating often at night or bedwetting
-Leaking urine

Medication is typically prescribed alongside behavior modification techniques, or if behavior modification isn’t working for you. These medications prevent involuntary contractions of the bladder muscle, which helps relieve symptoms. Popular drugs include Ditropan XL®, Detrol®, Vesicare® and Toviaz®.

If you don’t want to depend on taking medication, there are other treatment options available. Lifestyle changes can make a big difference, and we suggest limiting the amount of alcohol, salt and caffeine that you consume. Kegel exercises are also beneficial, as they strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Sacral nerve stimulation is also a wonderful option for many people. A neurostimulator device is carefully inserted under the skin, and it sends electrical pulses to the sacral nerve. Since this directly affects bladder control muscles, this stimulation can help improve your symptoms. It also lasts for several years, so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with medication each day.

If your symptoms go away after you begin taking medication, it’s important to continue to take it to ensure that they don’t return. You should always talk to your doctor before stopping a medication, and let him or her know if you’re interested in other treatment options.

At Arkansas Urology, we’re here for you. Our patients’ health has been and will always be our top priority! Would you like to learn more about overactive bladder treatment options? Contact us today to schedule your appointment, or book your appointment online.

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