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June is Men’s Health Month

June is celebrated across the country as Men’s Health Month with a variety of preventative screenings, health fairs and other education and outreach events.

Men are known to be big, strong and invincible. However, men’s desire to resist health care is dangerous. It’s the women in their lives who get them to go to their doctors. Cancer, unintentional injuries, diabetes, suicide and stroke are some of the top causes of death for men.

Many of these have early signs and symptoms and can be prevented and treated if caught early. But, society has traditionally expected when boys grow into men that they be tough and ignore pain. So most men push through symptoms and hide their feelings, thinking this makes them more of a man. Unfortunately, that just makes men more likely to die from these conditions.

Why the need for an entire month devoted to your health? Because, most men are stubborn when it comes to health care. A large number of men don’t actively engage in preventative health or the health care system early in life. And the older guys get, the less likely they will get involved with their health and more likely they will have excuses like: “We are busy,” “I’ll be ok,” “It’s too expensive,” “I feel fine,” or the worst of all, “I don’t ever get sick.”

Men are 17% more likely than women to have cancer and twice as likely than women to have hearing loss. They are 50% more likely than women to die of heart disease. And yet, men are 50% less likely than women to seek preventative care. A man’s wife, children, grandchildren and friends love him and need him in their lives. Men guide them, amuse them, comfort them and challenge them. Don’t be a statistic. Real men do admit when something isn’t right. Real men go to the doctor.

At Arkansas Urology Men’s Health, we give men 10-point checkups daily. These tests go well beyond low testosterone and prostate related issues to blood sugar, sleep, sexual health, thyroid and more. See more the full list at

As we enter the summer of 2020, real men do take care of themselves. It’s smart. And will allow men to likely live a longer, healthier life. Contact us today if you are interested in a free men’s health screening.

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