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What Should You Expect When Having a Vasectomy?

For couples that are definitely finished having children, a vasectomy is a safe, easy and effective option for contraception. Make sure you have definitely decided not to add any more biological children to your family because vasectomy reversals are not always successful. Carefully consider your decision, but if you are certain, a vasectomy is a good solution for permanent contraception.

Vasectomies are quite common, with about 500,000 performed each year in the U.S. They are one of the most reliable forms of contraception and are cheaper, faster and safer than female sterilization.

The procedure lasts 30 to 45 minutes and requires only one or two small incisions. You will be awake during the procedure, but the physician will give you local anesthesia. The physician will make a small hole on one side of the scrotum and pull out part of the vas deferens on that side. Men may feel some tugging or pulling. Then, it will be replicated on the other side. The puncture is so tiny that it heals without stitches.

Pain is minimal. If men experience pain after the procedure, ice packs, athletic support and mild pain medication should help. Side effects or complications from the procedure are rare. In very few cases, the incisions can become infected and cause swelling or bleeding, but an antibiotic will be prescribed.

After a vasectomy, life can soon return to normal. Since the procedure performed on an outpatient basis, recovery time is minimal. If the patient works at a desk, his time off work shouldn’t be long. Continue to use birth control for a while after the procedure until you’ve completed follow-up tests at your doctor’s office and your doctor has said it’s ok.

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