The Arkansas Urology Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and public charity, has received a grant from the Arkansas Community Foundation to support its ongoing, statewide expansion of free health checkups and pre-treatment consultations. The community foundation’s mini-grant comes as part of a wider disbursement of its Arkansas COVID-19 Response Fund. The Arkansas Urology Foundation’s guiding priorities are to promote awareness, encourage early detection and support state-of-the-art treatment of prostate cancer in Arkansas. Its strategy is to focus on providing free health screenings to men across the state of Arkansas.“While in the midst of a public health crisis, Arkansas Urology Foundation’s efforts to provide free health screenings for underserved communities is more important than ever. We are grateful for their commitment to serving the state right now,” said Heather Larkin, president and CEO of Arkansas Community Foundation. These screenings provide medical staff with insights into medical concerns from diabetes to heart disease, and provide direct and indirect support of the state’s urgent priority to identify and treat new cases of COVID-19. “We’ve seen in our state and the nation that hospitals and care providers on the frontlines fighting the pandemic, they’re most successful when they’re encircled by other doctors and health care professionals ready to offload diagnostic and non-acute care,” said Scot E. Davis, CEO of Arkansas Urology. “We want to be a portal for all Arkansans to access superior care for COVID-19 or other ailments during this period of pandemic response.”The Arkansas Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization that fosters smart giving to improve communities in the state. By making grants and sharing knowledge, the foundation supports charitable programs that work for Arkansas and partners to create new initiatives that address local and statewide needs.The Arkansas Urology Foundation strengthens Arkansas Urology’s ongoing commitment to increase access to care to underserved communities through the state. “We believe all men in the state, regardless of cultural background, financial resources or proximity to care should have access to information, diagnosis and state-of-the-art treatment,” said Chris Shenep, director of the Arkansas Urology Foundation.

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