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Medication Treatment for Kidney Stones

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Kidney stones can be very painful. Your doctor can recommend a variety of treatment for the small stones. However, the good news is that surgery is not often required, but these small stones can most often be treated with medication. TheraLith XR, a Theralogix, product, is a widely used medication for kidney stones. At Arkansas Urology, we have seen a lot of success with our patients through these medications. The tablets are full of Vitamin B6, magnesium and potassium.

TheraLith XR is designed to help your body maintain normal urine chemistry. You can benefit from this medication if you have had a 24-hour urine test, and they discovered that you have low urinary magnesium or citrate levels or high oxalate or calcium oxalate supersaturation levels.

In a clinical trial at Stony Brook Medical School, experts found that there was a 29% reduction in urinary oxalate levels and a 27% reduction in calcium oxalate saturation in patients who took TheraLith regularly. In a group of individuals with low baseline levels of magnesium and citrate, increases of over 300% were seen after taking TheraLith XR for two months. Another thing that our patients and we love about the medication is the lack of side effects that other medications can have.

Of course, you should consult with your physician before beginning any medication to make sure this is a good fit for your individual circumstances. Don’t try to self-medicate yourself for kidney stones, always see your doctor first. Your doctor may also recommend some dietary changes along with medication. However, at Arkansas Urology we have definitely seen patients have a good deal of success with TheraLith XR and kidneys stones.

Don’t let kidney stones interfere with your life especially when treatment can be easy! If you have any more questions about kidney stones and medication available, please contact us and see one of our physicians at Arkansas Urology.

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