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What You Should Know About Overactive Bladder

Overactive bladder (OAB) affects more than 33 million Americans of all ages. The condition occurs when the detrusor muscle of the bladder contracts more often than needed even when the bladder is not full. At Arkansas Urology, we understand that OAB can be hard and embarrassing to talk about, but the symptoms and condition are treatable. It’s important that you get the help you need when you suspect there may be a problem.

The symptoms for overactive bladder may seem obvious but can often be overlooked or blamed on age. Did you know that you shouldn’t need to urinate more than eight times in a 24-hour period? If you find yourself in the bathroom more frequently, you may have OAB. With overactive bladder, you may experience an intense, urgent need to go to urinate immediately. You also may leak urine after a strong urge to go to the bathroom.

Infections that irritate the bladder lining can cause the bladder to become overactive. While it is not a normal part of aging, it is more common in those over the age of 60. Women after menopause have a greater risk along with men who have had prostate issues.

When you start experiencing any of the above symptoms, it’s time to see an urologist. Talk to your doctor about all your symptoms even if you think something is insignificant. If you suspect overactive bladder, you can keep a diary at home of what and how much you drink, when you urinate and if you feel an urgent need to go to the bathroom to give more specific information to your physician. Sometimes OAB can be controlled with behavior modification, so that’s why important to see a doctor before other issues develop as a result. Medication is also another option for treatment. Arkansas Urology offers surgical procedures if other first or second line therapies fail to alleviate your problems.

At Arkansas Urology, we understand how sensitive these issues can be. If you or someone you love may be experiencing overactive bladder, you can feel comfortable making an appointment to talk to one of our doctors. We have locations throughout the state to conveniently serve you better. Give us a call today at 1-877-321-8452 to make an appointment at a location near you.

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