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7 Health Tips Just For Women

Women and men are so very different. What is a health risk to one, might not be one to another and vice versa. Arkansas Urology takes pride in educating women on the various health issues that affect women. We want to partner with you as you take on the challenge of living healthier lives. That being said, here are seven simple health tips just for women:

1.Quit Stressing
Stress can have such a negative effect on your body and mind. Since stress can often manifest itself as a physical illness, you should assess stress factors in your life and take measures to reduce them. Taking time to let go can do wonders for your mental health, too. Go for a run, read a book, or meditate to alleviate your stress. You’ll be surprised how at ease you will feel when you let things go and let the stress go with it.

2. Stop Trying Quick Fixes
We all have fallen for the new craze of quick dieting fixes that just never seem to work. They often seem too good to be true yet we try them anyway and then get stressed because they didn’t live up to our expectations, which is not a healthy cycle (see #1 – quit stressing!). Realistically, all we need is a basic diet of fruits and veggies. It’s 80% what you eat and 20% exercise. Take some time to meal prep before your week gets started and get back to basics.

3. Move
Heart disease is the number one killer among women. Getting enough exercise is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be a strenuous activity, but just getting up and walking around the block in your neighborhood can help. Try a workout class with your friends to make it fun! Keep moving and stay active. Exercise and eating right are basic foundations of a healthy lifestyle.

4. Maintain a Healthy Sex Life
This counts as exercise! There are several benefits to getting the rush of endorphins and hormones that can be released as you take part. Better sleep, a stronger immune system, and even a younger looking appearance are all benefits. This can also help to reduce your stress as well.

5. Don’t Wait to Talk to Your Doctor . . . About Anything
If you are noticing things with your body that just aren’t right, talk to your doctor. Listen to what your body is telling you! You are the best advocate for your health and you have to take care of it. We have an expert team of doctors ready to answer all of your questions and help you with any women’s or pelvic health issues you may be experiencing. Don’t wait! It’s better to ask and learn sooner, rather than later.

6.Get Enough Sleep
It’s been said that women often need more sleep than men. Not getting enough sleep can lead to multiple health problems. Feeling restful can help your day feel more productive as well. Try powering off your cell phone 30 minutes to an hour before you go to bed. The light from your screen makes it difficult to fall asleep, and this will help to turn your brain off. Start by reading a book or meditating on a few breathing exercises to slowly relax before you fall asleep. It makes a huge difference.

7. Put Yourself First
Putting yourself before others can seem selfish at first glance. But, in reality, how well can you serve others if you yourself aren’t taken care of? In order to offer your best to those around you, set aside some time to relax or do something for yourself. Feeling guilty is not allowed!

We hope these tips help you better your health throughout the year. Don’t get overwhelmed trying to meet all of these goals. Pick one and stick to it, then once you feel like you have made it a habit, try to be consistent in another area. The more conscious you are of taking care of your health, the more that will be reflected in your decisions. If you have questions about your health, Arkansas Urology is here to answer them and provide you with education and information to assist you in making the best choices when it comes to your health.

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