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Why Women Need a Urologist and a Gynecologist

Urologists and gynecologists are two different specialties of medicine that do have some overlap but in reality are very different. A key difference is that while gynecologists treat only women, a urologist would treat both men and women, and occasionally children. While certain illnesses could require a trip to the urologist, there are actually many reasons a healthy women might schedule an appointment outside of a regular gynecologist visit.

In both men and women, the sex organs and urinary tract are connected or closely located in the same area of the body, which means a gynecologist would treat many similar ailments that a urologist might for women. However, as specialists, urologists are trained in other treatment techniques and fields of study such as surgery, disorders of the liver and kidneys, and may also have greater insight when it comes to issues of infertility in couples due to their greater understanding of both male and female fertility.

For healthy women, urologists can be a fantastic resource for preventing common health problems that arise in women through different stages of life. In fact, many urologists will have specialized experience with life stages such as pregnancy, post childbirth and menopause, and can even help you prevent things like incontinence, pelvic pain and urinary tract infections before they set in.

If you’ve visited a gynecologist before for incontinence, pelvic pain or sexual discomfort, but found that your symptoms returned or your condition became chronic, now is the time to seek out the consultation of a urologist. Their breadth of knowledge of both the human reproductive system and the waste removal system works means that they can help you reach a diagnosis sooner. Their training in targeted treatment techniques means you can get back to life as normal in no time.

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