Arkansas Urology announces the launch of the Arkansas Urology Foundation. The mission of the AU Foundation will be to raise funds and heighten awareness for the organization across Arkansas. The Foundation will be focused on providing free health screenings to men across the state, as well as raising funds for other program needs, building a board, and promoting the services provided across Arkansas on a daily basis. The free screenings will provide medical staff insights into medical concerns from diabetes to heart disease and not only urological conditions.

The Arkansas Urology Foundation will strengthen Arkansas Urology’s ongoing commitment to increase access to urological care to underserved communities through the state. The Arkansas Urology Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit and public charity, has a mission to promote awareness, encourage early detection and support state of the art treatment of prostate cancer in Arkansas. The vision of the AU Foundation will be to build a board of respected community leaders and volunteers from around the state. The Foundation will be led by Chris Shenep, Director of the AU Foundation and Marketing.

“This is an exciting time of growth for Arkansas Urology across the state. We believe all men in Arkansas, regardless of cultural background, financial resources or proximity to care should have access to information, diagnosis and state of the art treatment,” said Chris Shenep, Director of the Arkansas Urology Foundation and Marketing. “We have a lot of important priorities, business leaders who have signed up to help, and are excited to get the ball rolling.”

“This has been a longtime goal for Arkansas Urology. This role will oversee the marketing and fundraising initiatives for world class healthcare, right here in Arkansas,” said E. Scot Davis, CEO of Arkansas Urology. “To have someone as skilled as Chris is vital. His experience with marketing and foundation work will benefit our patients and our staff as we build for the future.”

In addition to the AU Foundation staff, Chris will be building the AU Foundation Board, which will be made up of community leaders who commit their support to the Premier Urology Clinic in Arkansas. For information about becoming a member of the board of directors, please e-mail Chris Shenep at

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