Why Should You See a Urologist?

When it comes to personal issues, you may be more comfortable seeing your primary care doctor with whom you have an established relationship. However, urologists specialize in issues of the male and female urinary tract and male reproductive organs. At Arkansas Urology, our team commonly sees a variety of conditions, from urinary tract infections to overactive bladder to interstitial cystitis to kidney stones. They also see cancers of the bladder, kidney and prostate.

A urologist is the expert for any problem affecting your urinary tract. There are several urinary issues that you shouldn’t ignore and you should immediately make an appointment with a urologist should you experience them. If you find yourself avoiding social gatherings because of incontinence, then it’s time to see an urologist. Don’t let the fear of an embarrassing situation keep you from living your life. Likewise, women, if you’re wearing sanitary pads or keeping a change of clothes handy because of accidents, make an appointment with a urologist. If you experience leaking urine, don’t accept it as a normal part of life.

For men and women, blood in the urine is another symptom not to ignore. This can be an early warning sign of kidney stones, bladder problems or kidney cancer. Even after seeing blood only once, make an appointment. Do not wait to see if the blood will go away.

Men should have a yearly prostate exam starting at age 50 or sooner depending on risk factors. If there is anything abnormal or if you have an elevated or changed PSA level, you should consult with an urologist. Also, men who have any type of mass, firmness or nodule of the testicle or persistent pain lasting longer than a week should see a specialist soon.

Urologists also see sexual dysfunction in men and women, from arousal to sex pain to erection. Urologists can also help with infertility. If you and your partner have had difficulty conceiving a child in a year of trying, then it’s time to make an appointment.

At Arkansas Urology, we see a wide variety of issues. No matter the severity of your problem, we’ll listen to your concerns and develop the best treatment method for you. We can be your trusted experts when it comes to these personal and oftentimes private conditions. Give us a call today at 1-877-321-8452 to make an appointment at a location near you.

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